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Plant Tour

Take a tour of our Manufacturing facility and see how METROBRICK Thin Brick is made.

METROBRICK Blend Generator
Create your own custom blend. Nothing to download. Just click and blend!


Introducing - CHARCOAL

Charcoal is the newest color to be added to the METROBRICK® single tone color palette. Charcoal is a rich, dark, shade that adds character as an accent, in a blend or as a single color. And charcoal is a through the body color not a surface treatment so it will never wear OFF!

Available in modular straights and corners - smooth finish only. Special order is also available. Call customer service for details 1.888.325.3945


METROBRICK® manufactures Above TBX Grade Architectural Thin Brick to be used with the following systems:

Precast Concrete Panels, Tilt-up Concrete Panels, Prefabricated Metal Panels, Field Applied Systems/Applications and Cast in Place Concrete Elements.

Above TBX Grade tolerances to insure a proper fit into any form liner system.
• Designed with a dovetailed back for superior bond performance.
A variety of colors and finishes.
• Custom colors and blending available.
Corner pieces and edge caps manufactured to hold shape.
• Available with an unwaxed or waxed finish (for easy clean up).
Outstanding customer support staff to help you @ 1-888-325-3945

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