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METROBRICK & the Environment

An exterior wall system's actual performance is critical to a building's life cycle cost and overall performance.

Environmental awareness has forced the design and construction profession to re-evaluate how we use our material resources and has redefined our performance expectations. When the project demands a brick appearance, a thin brick wall system may help give a perfect balance between desired performance, environmental advantages, and the owner’s budget.

• Cast in Concrete
• Field Applied Systems
• Tilt-up Panels
• Insulated Concrete Formed Walls
• Prefabricated Insulated Panels
• Direct Applied Systems
• Precast Concrete
• Prefabricated Light Gauge Metal Framing
• Modular Component Construction


Thin brick wall systems can enlarge the buildings floor area, increase the project’s r-value, contribute toward LEED points, reduce the total amount of required products, decrease the number of trade contractors, and/or expedite the overall project schedule.

MANUFACTURING - Reusing and Energy Efficient

• All unfired waste clay is reground into our finished products.
• The heat from our kilns is also a heat source for our dryers.
• Our fired scrap is made available for use in making roadbeds as well as being reground and reused into our finished products.
• All METROBRICK® colors contain a minimum of 23% pre-consumer recycled content.
• We use the most energy-efficient equipment available.


Because METROBRICK® absorptions are much less than full bed brick, spalling and efflorescence are reduced or eliminated. The building facade can basically last forever.

With the thin brick attached to the wall system, minor repairs require only the removal of the affected bricks. Full bed brick building repairs are much more costly and difficult.