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LEED v4 & METROBRICK by credit category

Please Note: The following are generalizations only. We do not currently have 3rd party certification for specific LEED credits.


Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction | METROBRICK products have a 60 plus year lifespan and can last the life of the building.

Product Disclosure {Source of Raw Material} | METROBRICK products contain pre-consumer recycled waste material. METROBRICK products can be reused or salvaged. Nearly all raw materials are extracted within a 50-mile radius of the manufacturing facility.

Product Disclosure {Material Ingredients} | METROBRICK products are fired in kilns at temperatures above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and are an inert ceramic material.

Construction and Demolition Waste Management | METROBRICK products are inert material after firing and can be reused or reclaimed as fill or road bed material. Sizing of the product is such that there is little job site waste of material. Packaging material is recyclable.


Low Emitting Materials | Ceramic products are cited as an “inherent non-emitting source” for this credit. METROBRICK may be used for this credit without testing.

Construction Indoor Air Quality | METROBRICK products are VOC- free and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment | METROBRICK products are inert. They are VOC- free and are formaldehyde free.

Thermal Comfort | The thermal mass of METROBRICK products allows them to aid in creating a more consistent indoor environment.

Interior Lighting | METROBRICK manufactures light color thin brick.


Integrative Process | METROBRICK thin brick used as part of an installation wall system can have a positive impact on other building systems. The wall system that includes METROBRICK should be evaluated as part of a project’s integrative analysis.


Optimize Energy Performance | The thermal mass of METROBRICK products may help in the moderation of indoor temperature swings.